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1. About cancel the order and refund?
If you want to cancel your order and refund, If the Tissot watches bags have not been dispatched, we will refund all your money to your account. And the money may come into your account in about a week time just because of the normal process of the bank. And the bank may deduct a little handling fee for the money transfer or currency exchange.

2. Are all products showed on the website?
We have not displayed all products on this website now. If you are expecting other styles which are not shown here, please send us the pictures or link of the products which one you are interested in ASAP, and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements!

3. What do you need to sign for receiving the package?
You need to show your identity card to the postman when they send your item to your house. The express company will call you if your address has changed.

4. Are the pictures true or false?
All of the pictures are definitely taken by ourselves. There might be a little color difference for a few pictures, just because of the light when taking the photos. Please check them clearly before take the item into your cart. If you are not sure, please send us an email for a confirmation.

5. How long does it take for delivery?
Generally, you may receive the item in 7-12 days after you paid for your orders, which are free shipping to any countries in the world. If you wanna to be sooner (3-5 days) you can choose a Express Mail for which you may ask to pay a couple of more dollars.

6. How to track your item?
We will send you your tracking number in 24-36 hours after we receive your payment .You may check your item on the checking website.

7. How to contact us?
Tissot watches is dedicated to Customer service. To serve our customers efficiently, our friendly and responsible operators can be contacted in different ways.

8. Payment methods:
You may pay via Credit Card / JCB Credit Card.

9. Is it safe to pay via credit card?
We do not know anything about your card information (when you pay for the watches, you have logged into the page of the bank),so if there are any problems about the payment, you should contact with your credit card company to learn what have happened.

When you login into the payment page, please note carefully that if the website of that page like this https://..... (if there is a "S" after "http"). The "S" is the sign to show that if the online shop has been verified by the International Internet Security. So when you fill in the credit card information, please pay attention to the"S". Only the website verified has the sign "S", So you could set your heart at rest to shop products at our website.

10. The reason for unsuccessful payment:
Guests paid for it but declined (pay application is rejected),it may be the reason as follows:
1. Guests are not correctly fill out the payment information
2. The Issuing bank does not support online shopping
3. The credit card balance is too less
4. The Guests have bad payment records, and did not pass the west union filtration(dishonor, false buy, etc.

For more questions please contact our customer services at


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